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I have always believed in the importance of giving back to humanity, and try to do so with whatever time I have.

In 2010 I did relief work in Lafemme Leblanc, Haiti, a truly life changing experience.  

I learned that my heart can be completely broken in two by the devastation I see and filled with joy by the light in a child's eyes all in the same sixty seconds.

That running, treated water is a very precious thing.

That I can create relationships in places that feel like the end of the earth.

That for every greedy, racist, sexist human being there are four more good samaritans.


I had the privilege to meet them all.

I've worked with the Girls Center of Orange County, facilitating an inner city teenage women’s leadership retreat weekend, and in 2013 I taught community yoga classes at Art House Productions in Jersey City, New Jersey.

It goes without saying, every time I decide to become involved to make a difference, change a life...without question the greatest change made is within myself.

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